Latest from the AAUP at TCU

TCU Needs Shared Governance

In July, AAUP members at TCU issued a statement of concern about the lack of shared governance in recent years, particularly noting compensation cuts and changes to working conditions made without input from faculty or staff. Since then, promises have been made by Chancellor Boschini and Provost Dahlberg to affirm the value and importance ofContinue reading “TCU Needs Shared Governance”

COVID-19 Response at TCU

As the TCU chapter of the American Association of University Professors, we write to urge immediate action in response to the grave COVID-19 situation at TCU. Our primary goal is protecting the health of TCU students, faculty, and staff. The Connected Campus plan is on the precipice of failure, putting not just TCU at risk,Continue reading “COVID-19 Response at TCU”

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